mateja mijatovic

Black Tubetto


Mateja Mijatovic


Bengal black granite


11 × 10,5 × 43,5 cm
4,4 × 4,2 × 17,2 inch

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If an artwork I created inspires a single thought, my mission has been accomplished.

Mateja Mijatovic

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Spending an eternity to create a true work of art is the eternity well spent.

Mateja Mijatovic

Marble Tin Cans

During his exploration of the outer space Mateja became fascinated with its basic structural elements, matter and dark matter. While the former is easy to understand, the latter still keeps many physicists and astronomers unrest at night. Matter and dark matter defy each other’s logic and the essence of their being, yet without the ideal counterpart their very existence would be questioned.

This duality fully applies to Mateja's artworks. Sculpture is not only about its physical existence, the material it consists of, but also about empty space around it. Only when observed this way, a spectator can truly anticipate the masterpiece.

As much as our basic senses make us pay attention to the obvious outside, it is the inside that keeps us intrigued and puzzled. It is what makes us wonder beyond the obvious limitations.

This metamorphic moment of opening a tin can, when inside meets outside, is what triggers our imagination to the moment of a profound ecstasy. This is when our strives face the just-evolved truth. The moment when matter meets dark matter, both physically and philosophically.

Voyager Series

Sail is a symbol of freedom, journey and eternity.

The mission of the Voyager Series is to communicate with intelligent forms of life. The Series raises the biggest question of all - are we alone?

Sails are all about the idea of future, unknown yet inspiring and intriguing. They stand for our aspirations to tame the winds of the world and sail off towards the new tomorrow.

By opening new horizons, sails broaden perspective and stimulate imagination. Sails constantly challenge the status quo with their unique physical and metaphorical forms. They symbolize the future.

Marble Tubes

There is a fine line between Philosophy and Mateja's masterpieces.

The eternal endeavor of the mankind to understand the essence of life, Mateja tried to evolve into a tube, deprived of its content. This masterpiece in a simple way represents the triumph of the essence over form.

Playing with marble, the material older than mankind itself, Mateja essentially introduces us to a story about the freedom as the very essence of life, asking a simple question: Does the essence belong to any kind of form, moreover, is a form essentially necessary?

Rare are the questions that are more important than the answers, Mateja has just asked one.

By dealing with the form, Mateja actually underlines the significance of the essence, rising the ultimate question before the observer: are you essentially free, are you out of a tube?

Marble Icons

Christian icons were Mateja’s first inspiration.

In Christian world an icon represents a tremendously important element in a relationship between a person, their family and the force majeure. Icon gathers and guards the family. It is a unique physical medium which enables direct relationship between a human and a saint impictured.

This magnificent energy and the way it influences the family have inspired the artist to start exploring Byzantine iconography. Mateja has created his first Byzantine icon in ba-relief, the icon of Jesus Christ. In the following years Mateja continued crafting icons in different kinds of marble and inbreathing a subtle artistic note to each, while perfecting his craftsmanship at the same time. This is when many of his marble icons were created: Jesus Christ, St. Nicholas, St. Peter and Paul, St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. George, The Virgin Mary, etc.

Today Mateja Mijatovic’s icons adorn churches and homes across the world bringing peace and harmony to people around.


From the very moment humans managed to control and create fire by their own will, light has become not only a privilege of a day but a commodity of a night too. When Tesla designed the electrical energy we know today, and Edison tweaked an incandescent light bulb we still use, lamps have become an essential part of our lives. Back in time privilege of rich, nowadays part of every household. While lightening our interiors lamps distinctly decorate our living and business spaces too.

Lamps were unique witnesses of numerous great things history: Salvador Dali’s pleasure when he made final brush moves on The Persistence of Memory, Shakespeare’s absolute inspiration while writing some of the most famous literature lines “To be, or not to be, that is the question...”, Zhukov's tension on the night before the Battle of Berlin. Marble, on the other hand, is a different kind of witness. It was there when the Earth was formed ant the first living organism sparked, it witnessed how Mount Everest rose and continents split, when species got extinct and new ones were born.

Light rays combined with unique marble elements are about to witness the future yet to come memorizing all great moments of our lives.


In his academic and professional research, Mateja has always been fascinated with a presence of fine art in everyday world. Besides the art available in galleries, saloons and museums, Mateja has always wanted to create fine art which would not be "imprisoned" for their nature but rather frequently present out in the open.

Mateja has created a series of jewelry which gets updated from time to time, to this very day. Necklaces, engagement rings, earrings, wedding rings... all created from the finest materials such as gold ore, While Carrara marble, Silver, Giallo Siena marble, etc.

These compact works of art are exhibited on daily bases across the world in cities like Moscow, Copenhagen, Vancouver, Belgrade, Sydney, Paris, etc.

If you ever get to see an artwork from this collection on someone's hand, neck or ear, you are actually witnessing a unique art exhibition organized just for the lucky ones.

Mateja Mijatovic is a Serbian-Italian sculptor famous for his extravagant ideas, unique expression and superior marble craftsmanship. He is fully dedicated to expressing his ideas and emotions in marble while studying its spirit and its nature.

Mateja was born in Belgrade and graduated in sculpture from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara, Italy - class of professor Pier Giorgio Balocchi. He currently lives and works in the marble city of Arandjelovac, situated at the foot of the famous European marble mountain Vencac. Hence, not only marble was destined to Mateja, but also Mateja was destined to marble.

Mateja’s interest in crafting marble varies from iconography to pop-art, from complex baroque details to simple contemporary art forms, from managing stability to mastering gravitation.

Mateja has exhibited his art in multiple solo and group exhibitions throughout Italy, Malta, Germany and Serbia. His sculptures have always been recognized as unique and superior.

Driven by precision, devoted to perfection, Mateja's masterpieces speak loudly in silence.

Mateja has exhibited his artwork in multiple exhibitions in Italy, Malta, Germany and Serbia, where his work has always been recognized as superior.

Selected exhibitions:

  • 2018 Red Dot, Miami (FL), USA
  • 2015 National Musem, Arandjelovac, Serbia
  • 2014 Marble and Sounds, Arandjelovac, Serbia
  • 2013 November Dream Exhibition, Nova Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2010 Geca Kon Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2009 Exhibit P.Sektor, Dortmund, Germany
  • 2008 Palazzo delle Cariatidi, Carrara, Italy
  • 2007 Notte e Giorno, Torano, Italy
  • 2005 International Exhibition, Valletta, Malta
  • 2003 International Club “Maisson de la France”, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2003 Ethnographic Museum , Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2002 Gemax Art Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2002 Ethnographic Museum, Belgrade, Serbia

When one starts working in marble, time ceases to exist.

Mateja Mijatovic

Marble is the supreme art challenge. The more it is crafted, the more sensitive and fragile it gets.

Mateja Mijatovic

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